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Fetish Fantasy Series Beaded Cat-o-Nine Tails 24" Event Bat 24" Viper's Tongue Super Slapper
Fetish Fantasy Series Beaded Cat-o-Nine Tails24" Event Bat24" Viper's Tongue Super Slapper

This black 20" cat is sure to make your submissive meee-OW! The wood bead handle has a handy strap and the tresses are an easy-to-use eight inches long. The strap and tresses are made of easy-to-clean, soft-backed vinyl whose tips provide just...

Extra long and precise, this high end classic from Spartacus is an absolute BDSM staple. The leather tipped 24" Event Bat is lengthy, firm and lightweight, feeling great in hand, and even better against the skin.

24" Viper's Tongue Slapper. These super slappers are diabolical and wicked, with a handle reinforced with spring steel. 24 inches long forked tongue leather slapper with a D-ring on the end....





24'' Doggin Bat Fetish Fantasy Lover's Fantasy Kit Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Wartenberg Wheel
24'' Doggin BatFetish Fantasy Lover's Fantasy KitFetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Wartenberg Wheel

This Doggin Bat is an intermediate toy made of fine leather with metal accents. Two pieces of leather slap together to give a powerful sting along with quite the satisfying noise, leaving behind small crescent shapes in its wake. 

Explore each other's naughty side with this Lover's Fantasy Kit ! includes: Leather Whip Metal Handcuffs with Keys Free Satin Love Mask introtokink2017

Tickle, tease and please your lover with this medical-grade Deluxe Wartenberg Wheel. 




Fetish Fantasy Series Designer Flogger Fetish Fantasy Series Silicone Heart Flapper Frat Paddle
Fetish Fantasy Series Designer FloggerFetish Fantasy Series Silicone Heart FlapperFrat Paddle

This beautifully crafted Fancy Flogger is perfect for beginners and BDSM enthusiasts alike. Made from super-soft suede, this flogger has a textured handle to ensure an easy grip. 

Explore your fetish fantasies with the Silicone Heart Flapper . The cute marks it leaves on your lovers bottom are sure to give you a heart on! 28" (71cm)

A perfect percusssion, this black leather-wrapped Frat Paddle is great for beginners or those more experience in the world of kink. 16 inches in length, this paddle delivers a smart thud to any willing bottoms. 




Midnight Bling Flogger Midnight Lace Crop Red's Black Leather Pony Play Plug
Midnight Bling FloggerMidnight Lace CropRed's Black Leather Pony Play Plug

Add some sparkle to your toy box with this Midnight Bling Flogger! Thin straps of vinyl whizz through the air to create the perfect stingy sensation all while looking absolutely fabulous! Midnight2017

Covered in a luxurious lacy fabric, the head of this stylish, sleek crop is set off with a lavish black corseted ribbon and satin bow

For horsing around during play time, the Pony Play Whip is our classic butt plug design with threaded hair for fun pony play!




S&M Heart Beat Crop Sex & Mischief Feather Slapper Sex & Mischief Whip & Tickle - Pink/White
S&M Heart Beat CropSex & Mischief Feather SlapperSex & Mischief Whip & Tickle - Pink/White
  • Heart Beat Crop for spanking, stroking, and caressing.

The Sex and Mischief Feather Slapper features luxurious red feathers on one end and a sturdy, black hand spanker on the other. ABS plastic stick, vinyl, rubber cap, and rooster feather. 

16 inch black wand with fluffy marabou on one end and rubber whip on the other. 




Spartacus 24" Leather Wrapped Cane Spiked Chain Whip Sportsheets Fur Lined Leather Paddle
Spartacus 24" Leather Wrapped CaneSpiked Chain WhipSportsheets Fur Lined Leather Paddle

Give in to your naughty side: discover all the pleasurable sensations of leather. You'll find that nothing excites and satisfies like the high-qualitySpartacus 24" Leather Wrapped Cane.

Flexible chains on this Chain Whip can be used for delicate tickles, hard spanks, or simply as a fear-factor! 

High quality, two sided black leather paddle with a soft furry side for use as a body buffer.




Studded Frat Paddle The Enforcer by Kink - Silicone & Polycarbonate Paddle Vixen Whip
Studded Frat PaddleThe Enforcer by Kink - Silicone & Polycarbonate PaddleVixen Whip

This Studded Frat Paddle is ideal for heavy. experienced play. 

Discipline is key. The Enforcer ’s strong shatterproof material is impact-tested to deliver the hardest hits every time it lands. This paddle’s visually stimulating clear impact surface leaves nothing to the imagination as it connects...

Faux leather 54" braided Vixen Whip with rhinestone handle accent.

simply sparkle




26'' Classic Riding Crop
26'' Classic Riding Crop

26" riding crop....perfect for beginners & advanced users. Whether you're teasing with the tip, or striking true w/ the handle, this crop is sure to heighten sensations! POPO


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