Wet Keep It Clean Foaming Toy Wash

Wet Keep It Clean Foaming Toy Wash
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Wet® Keep It Clean before and after you get dirty!

Extend the life of your toys by keeping them fresh and clean with this gentle foaming Toy Wash. A little bit goes a long way and the foaming action allows for targeted application and a deep clean. Keep It Clean™ Toy Wash will not harm most toy materials including rubber, silicone, latex, realistic materials, jelly rubber, plastic, metal, or glass. For realistic materials, please follow manufacturer’s instructions for powdering the toy after cleaning.


  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Non Greasy, Alcohol Free
  • Now Triclosan Free!
  • Latex, Rubber, Jelly, Silicone, Realistic, Plastic, Metal, and Glass Friendly

Gentle Cleanser

Keep It Clean™ is gentle enough to use on your favorite toys as often as you like. Make your toys last longer by keeping them clean and dry. Store them without the batteries inside to avoid corrosion of the motor components.

Non Greasy, Alcohol Free

Wet® Keep It Clean® does not contain oils or alcohol. It will not leave an oily residue and it will not dry out your favorite adult toys.

Now Triclosan Free!

We now offer Wet® Keep It Clean™ without Triclosan for those who have sensitivities to it.

Latex, Rubber, Jelly, Silicone, Realistic, Plastic, Metal, and Glass Friendly

We appreciate a great toy and we know how important it is to keep them clean and fresh through many uses. We tested Wet® Keep It Clean™ with a variety of materials to ensure that it will not degrade these materials over time.

Why should you clean your toys?

Regular cleaning of toys both before and after use helps to maintain the integrity of the toys.

Why is toy cleaner better than soap and water?

Soap may contain oils for softening the hands/body or other additives. These additives may degrade the toy or break down the outer materials causing it to peel or making it sticky. Once this occurs, you may need to throw away your toy.

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