Wet Elite Femme Cool Tingle Lubricant 3 oz

Wet Elite Femme Cool Tingle Lubricant 3 oz
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Tempt, tease, tingle. Elite® Femme™ Cool Tingle Lubricant stimulates every area with a cooling sensation that takes you to the edge, then over the top. Never sticky, this water-soluble formula glides on skin, tingling as it goes for intense gratification. Elite Femme Cool Tingle is stainless, lightweight, and long lasting, making it ideal for foreplay and fulfillment.

  •   Cooling sensation for ultimate pleasure
  •   Water-soluble
  •   Stain-free, and lightweight
  •   Non-sticky, and latex compatible
  •   Ideal for foreplay, intercourse, and massage
  •   Long lasting
  •   Fresh scent

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