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Fetish Fantasy Series Spread 'em Bar and Cuff Set 3.5 inch Posture Collar 4 Cuffs and Collar -  Black
Fetish Fantasy Series Spread 'em Bar and Cuff Set3.5 inch Posture Collar4 Cuffs and Collar - Black

Welcome your lover with open arms and legs with this incredible Spread 'Em Bar & Cuff Set! 

 This fine leather Posture Collar is a thick 3.5 inches with an adjustable strap and large o ring. Perfect for any level of play this is sure to put some posture into your play.

4 cozy Cuffs and a Collar connected by iron chains are designed specifically to keep your submissive in line! This wonderful set also comes with a free blindfold for punishment or play!




Adjustable Blackout Blinder Black Leather Collar with Tweezer Clamps Blackout Blindfold
Adjustable Blackout BlinderBlack Leather Collar with Tweezer ClampsBlackout Blindfold
Don't be afraid of the dark. Prepare for wherever the night may take you. When you slip into our luxurious fleece-lined blinder, you'll love feeling the soft lining against your skin. And that's just the beginning. Slide-adjustable eye pieces. Real sheepskin fleece. D-ring closure.

We've combined our sturdy yet comfortable leather collar with a pair of our most popular clamps , to create an erotic toy designed for elegance, sensation, and control. 1.5" leather collar adjust 12" to 17.5".

Without the distractions of light and color, the mind finds exquisite focus in the other senses. Let our comfortable fit blindfold enhance your next sensual experience. High-quality leather, adjustable velcro closure and soft fabric lining.




Bondage Collar & Leash CB-6000 3.25" Cock Cage & Lock Set - Gold Collar With Attached Nipple Clamps
Bondage Collar & LeashCB-6000 3.25" Cock Cage & Lock Set - GoldCollar With Attached Nipple Clamps

Studded faux leather Bondage Collar & Leash

The Gold CB-6000 Designer Collection is the classic CB-6000 design in a beautiful finish

Specially designed Collar With Attached Nipple Clamps was made with both sensation and control in mind. Use this wonderful combination to exert dominance and pleasure your sub all at once. 




Edge Hand Grip Wrist Restraints by Sportsheets Fetish Fantasy Anodized cuffs - Black Fetish Fantasy Extreme - The Prisoner
Edge Hand Grip Wrist Restraints by SportsheetsFetish Fantasy Anodized cuffs - BlackFetish Fantasy Extreme - The Prisoner

These wrist restraints with hand grips will turn your your next bondage play into something suspenseful. These heavy duty suspension cuffs have a built in handle for maximum security and long term wear. The soft black leather with contrast...

The use of restraint has always been a sexual stimulant, and with theses Anodized Metal Cuffs , fantasy becomes reality! These anodized metal cuffs are perfect for beginners and strong enough for any level of user. 

Punish your subject with The Prisoner steel cock cage chastity belt. Made from highly-polished steel and secured with lock and key, this shiny chrome chastity cage will keep your sub behind bars.





Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Cumfy Cuffs Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Cumfy Hogtie Fetish Fantasy Lover's Fantasy Kit
Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Cumfy CuffsFetish Fantasy Limited Edition Cumfy HogtieFetish Fantasy Lover's Fantasy Kit

The use of restraint has always been a sexual stimulant -- with these fur lined Cumfy Cuffs , fantasy becomes reality! Lined with soft faux fur, these heavy-duty cuffs keep your lover comfortably restrained and looking sexy. 

Take total control over your lover's every move with this beginners-friendly Cumfy Hogtie . This easy-to-use hogtie kit includes super-strong wrist and ankle cuffs lined with soft faux fur.

Explore each other's naughty side with this Lover's Fantasy Kit ! includes: Leather Whip Metal Handcuffs with Keys Free Satin Love Mask introtokink2017




Fetish Fantasy Metal Cuffs Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Silk Rope-Black Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Harness
Fetish Fantasy Metal CuffsFetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Silk Rope-BlackFetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Harness

Before I knew what was happening, I felt cold metal clasp around my wrists. I'd never been handcuffed before -- but there was no mistaking what was happening. Make this Fantasy come true with these Metal Cuffs.

With this super-soft and silky Deluxe Silky Rope, you don't have to be an expert to enjoy the pleasure of Japanese-style bondage play.

Your sub will beg to be bound by the Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Harness! This heavy-duty restraint system allows you to access multiple positions with just one restraint. 




Fetish Fantasy Series Lover's Bondage Kit Fetish Fantasy Series Mini Silk Rope Fetish Fantasy Series Pleasure Tape
Fetish Fantasy Series Lover's Bondage KitFetish Fantasy Series Mini Silk RopeFetish Fantasy Series Pleasure Tape

Turn your bedroom into an erotic playground with this incredible first-timers Lover's Bondage Kit. Everything you need to explore your fetish fantasies is included in this kit! The possibilities are endless... and so is the fun! Includes: •...

With this super-soft Japanese Silk Rope, you don't have to be an expert to enjoy the pleasure of Japanese-style bondage play.

6 Feet (183cm) Reusable Silk Rope

Put your lover in a sticky situation with this non-sticky bondage tape. This shiny PVC tape only sticks to itself, so it does not pull hair or leave any sticky residue.




Fetish Fantasy Series Position Master With Cuffs Kink - Bind & Tie - Hemp Bondage Rope Leather Hog Tie with Snap Clips
Fetish Fantasy Series Position Master With CuffsKink - Bind & Tie - Hemp Bondage RopeLeather Hog Tie with Snap Clips

Let your imagination take you beyond your physical limits with the Position Master with Cuffs. The sturdy straps hold your legs firmly in place so they don’t tire just when things are getting good, 

 Hogtied Bind & Tie Hemp Bondage Rope-- 30 feet of strong, natural hemp rope in a 6mm width ideal for most types of rigging—to meet your every need.

Spartacus Leather Hog Ties represent the finest gear available for erotic restraint play. Perfect for discerning bondage beginners or anyone seeking an easy, accessible way to enjoy BDSM without lots of gear.




Midnight Lace Collar & Leash Midnight Lace Cuffs Neck to Wrist Restraints
Midnight Lace Collar & LeashMidnight Lace CuffsNeck to Wrist Restraints

The comfortable padded collar, made of soft, inviting fabric of fine lace, fits perfectly around most any size neck     

Restraint can be a luxurious experience. Feel the gentle caress of the soft and Inviting fabric of fine lace as they secure around your wrists  

Neck to Wrist Restraints will help you to restrain the movements of your lover during your advanced erotic plays with Dominant and Submissive roles. Neck To Wrist Restraints are sold for use by consenting adults. Please play safe and responsibly.




Pink Handcuffs Pride Play Set S&M Bed Restraint Kit
Pink HandcuffsPride Play SetS&M Bed Restraint Kit

These Pink Steel Handcuffs are a perfect pair of beginner cuffs, colored pink to match your personal style! These cuffs do have a safety release so if you lose the keys, they are not impossible to remove.

Representation matters... especially in the bedroom! And that’s why we’ve introduced our loud and proud Pride Play Set. A colorful kit of kinky must-haves.

Tie your lover up in seconds with this discreet Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Restraint Kit! Restraints work with any size bed!Make any bed your bondage playground with this easy to install kit.





Sir Richard's Bicep Bender Sir Richard's Heavy-Duty Cuffs Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling
Sir Richard's Bicep BenderSir Richard's Heavy-Duty CuffsSportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling

COMMAND. Made to Play Hard. Heavy-Duty Bicep Binder offers effective restraint. Versatile design secures biceps firmly from behind or in front. The Heavy-Duty Bicep Binder wraps each bicep with the thick, durable industrial-strength nylon straps...

Sir Richard’s Heavy-Duty Cuffs force surrender. Heavy-Duty Cuffs firmly secure both wrists, or both ankles depending on your bondage-play preference. 

Finally, sex standing up is possible for everyone! This Sex Sling secures over your solid door.





Sportsheets Edge Spreader Bar White Single Strap Collar Fetish Fantasy Series Bed Bindings Restraint Kit
Sportsheets Edge Spreader BarWhite Single Strap CollarFetish Fantasy Series Bed Bindings Restraint Kit

Control and Dominate your submissive with Sportsheets Edge Sperader Bar.

Just because bondage is the new black, doesn't mean your toys have to be! This light White Single Strap Collar was made for all kinds of play, with a bit more of a pure thought in mind.

Fetish Fantasy Series Bed Bondage Restrait Kit Transform your bed into a passion playground with these under-the-mattress bed bindings.




Fetish Fantasy Furry Cuffs Fetish Fantasy Furry Cuffs
Fetish Fantasy Furry Cuffs Fetish Fantasy Furry Cuffs

Lock up your lover and explore your fetish fantasies with these Beginner Furry Cuffs.

Lock up your lover and explore your fetish fantasies with these Beginner Furry Cuffs.



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