Midnight Metal Bunny Butt Plug by Sportsheets

Midnight Metal Bunny Butt Plug by Sportsheets
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A delicate way to enhance your erotic pleasures....
The snap of the crop. The kink of a feathered bunny tail. The crack of the whip. The visual eroticism of nipple suction. It’s all here in the most exquisitely designed implements of fetish ever created. 
  • Polished nickel free metal butt plug is 2.75” (6.98cm) insert length. 
  • Long narrow neck keeps your toy securely in place.
  • Total length of the bunny plug is 5.5”.
  • Real fur bunny tail.
  • Easy to clean with mild soap and water.  Tail will puff up with air or low heat blow drying.
  • Ingredients: 45% nickel free metal,  30% polypropylene, 25% rabbit fur
  • Includes: 1 Metal Bunny Butt Plug



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