KinkLab Stockroom 6 Gates of Pride Cockrings

KinkLab Stockroom 6 Gates of Pride Cockrings
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Enjoy being restricted even at the most fundamental level?  A Chastity & Cock Cage could be the thing to add to your kinky relationship.  Try out the KinkLab Stockroom 6 Gates of Pride Cockrings and learn exactly how much power you desire.

Pride isn’t just for flags.  With this festive-looking chastity device, you can put the rainbow on your favorite penis and make your play a little bit more flamboyant.  Designed and assembled in Stockroom’s own workshop, the six silicone rings connected by a leather strap comfortably restrict the shaft until you’re ready to release it.

Even the darkest dungeon will be brightened by the colors.  Perfect for the sub who’s proud of his service to you and wants everyone to know it.  The rings get progressively smaller, confining the penis.  On this 6-Ring version, the first Purple ring is 1 7/8″ in diameter.  The second and third (Blue and Green) rings are 1 3/4″, the next three rings (Yellow, Orange, and Red) are 1 1/2″.  The entire length is about 4″.