Kink - Flow Full Flush - Silicone Anal Douche & Accessory

Kink - Flow Full Flush - Silicone Anal Douche & Accessory
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Experiment with slippery, messy, ass-filling fun with the Flow Flush Anal Douche Kit, only available in the Kink by Doc Johnson collection. A generous 9.5 fl. oz. bulb connects to the silicone prober attachment to completely fill that hole with lube, water, or other liquids of your choosing. The unique shape and subtle curve of the attachment is perfect for delivering deep p-spot stimulation during liquid play. Flow Flush also includes a threaded shower adapter that instantly connects the attachment to your own shower hose.
Kink by Doc Johnson is an exciting collaboration with to create a collection of high-quality authentic fetish items suitable for long-term practitioners and new initiates alike.

• Contoured to Stimulate Prostate
• 9.5 fl. oz. (280mL) Bulb Capacity
• Multi-Stream Tip
• Hydro-Adapter Connects Silicone Attachments to Shower Hose
• Phthalate-Free, Body-Safe


Safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) is one of the values surrounding ethically acceptable behavior in BDSM, kink and alternative sexuality communities.  Safe means that the risk of activities should be understood by all participants, taking all precautions to prevent accidents or injury. Sane is to undertake activities in a sensible and sane state of mind, understanding the difference between fantasy and reality.  Consensual means that all parties have freely and fully consented to the activity and were in a sound state of mind.

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