Inttimo Massage and Bath Oil: Invigorate

Inttimo Massage and Bath Oil: Invigorate
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Everyone needs a little push to get them through the day. For some there is coffee, for others candy. For the truly discerning taste though, there is nothing better than a little aromatherapy! If you also happen to suffer from the pain of sore muscles, it makes perfect sense to combine the solution to both of these problems into one neat package. Wet Inttimo Invigorate Aromatherapy Massage and Bath Oil does just that with the added bonus of being good for you. Just picture it; you're coming in from a long day at work and you really need a little more energy. The kids are yelling, you need to go out again, or any number of things. The eucalyptus scented oil will leave your skin feeling soft and renewed, needing only a little to achieve it. Add a few drops to your bath and it will be transformed into a warm and exciting place, perfect to share or be alone. Wet Inttimo Invigorate Aromatherapy Massage and Bath Oil is a guiltless little pick-me-up.

Inttimo by Wet’s silky blend of seven vitamin enriched natural oils glide on easily and leave your skin irresistibly soft and delicately scented for hours. Whether massaged into the skin, sprinkled in your bath water, or used to pamper every inch of your body… Inttimo Aromatherapy Oil will balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Aromatherapy: The science of using scent to awaken specific feelings or emotions. Skin conditioning blend of all-natural emollients sweet almond, macadamia, avocado, sunflower, and kukui oils and essential oils Antioxidant Vitamin A, shown to protect skin from free radical damage. Conditioning Vitamin E and Aloe Vera shown to reduce the visibility of scars doyounuru

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