Gold Stroke Masturbator

Gold Stroke Masturbator
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Experience an orgasmic sensation like never before with the incredible multi function masturbation device GOLD STROKE! This unique Masturbator is specially designed with top quality medical grade materials, and features multiple powerful rotating functions coming from the latest technology, allowing a free 360 degrees of stimulating pleasure while throbbing back and forward.

The transparent chamber lets you become a witness to your throbbing member while getting your "Jack' on! GOLD STROKE'S fast rotation and unique shape also allows an ergonomic handle grip design which includes a 4 easy step detaching system for storage and cleaning. GOLD STROKE will have you experiencing intense multiple orgasms like never before and will surely have you Cumming back for more!

USB Rechargeable
7.4V / 1000mA
Battery Life: 60 min
Material: ABS/TPE
Weight: 1.3Lbs (590g)
Dimensions: Length 11”(28 cm); Head Diameter 3”(8cm)
3 Rotation Speeds, 5 Frequency Modes


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