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    Pride Play Set Purple Fur Lined Paddle Red's Black Leather Pony Play Plug
    Pride Play SetPurple Fur Lined PaddleRed's Black Leather Pony Play Plug

    Representation matters... especially in the bedroom! And that’s why we’ve introduced our loud and proud Pride Play Set. A colorful kit of kinky must-haves.

    This 12 inch Purple Faux Fur Lined Paddle is perfect for beginner play or warm up. The soft fur allows for a thuddy feel while the paddle itself is light and reinforced with spring steel so it's sure to give a little bounce. 

    For horsing around during play time, the Pony Play Whip is our classic butt plug design with threaded hair for fun pony play!





    S&M Bed Restraint Kit S&M Heart Beat Crop Scandal Lace Body Suit
    S&M Bed Restraint KitS&M Heart Beat CropScandal Lace Body Suit

    Tie your lover up in seconds with this discreet Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Restraint Kit! Restraints work with any size bed!Make any bed your bondage playground with this easy to install kit.

    • Heart Beat Crop for spanking, stroking, and caressing.

    Scandal Lace Body Suit from Cal Exotics. Adorn your body and seduce your lover with Scandal Lace Body Suit. This soft and stretchy comfortable full body ensemble boast a deep V neckline to highlight your assesses, as well as crotchless design...




    Sex & Mischief Whip & Tickle - Pink/White Silicone Pro Nipple Suckers Sir Richard's Bicep Bender
    Sex & Mischief Whip & Tickle - Pink/WhiteSilicone Pro Nipple SuckersSir Richard's Bicep Bender

    16 inch black wand with fluffy marabou on one end and rubber whip on the other. 

    Simple to use, these Silicone Pro Nipple Suckers are perfect for beginners. Get ready to enjoy the peak in sensual pleasure. Designed for the perfect discretion no matter where you travel, this beautiful compact product is ready to go whenever...

    COMMAND. Made to Play Hard. Heavy-Duty Bicep Binder offers effective restraint. Versatile design secures biceps firmly from behind or in front. The Heavy-Duty Bicep Binder wraps each bicep with the thick, durable industrial-strength nylon straps...





    Sir Richard's Heavy-Duty Cuffs Spartacus 24" Leather Wrapped Cane Spiked 5 Row Pinwheel by Master Series
    Sir Richard's Heavy-Duty CuffsSpartacus 24" Leather Wrapped CaneSpiked 5 Row Pinwheel by Master Series

    Sir Richard’s Heavy-Duty Cuffs force surrender. Heavy-Duty Cuffs firmly secure both wrists, or both ankles depending on your bondage-play preference. 

    Give in to your naughty side: discover all the pleasurable sensations of leather. You'll find that nothing excites and satisfies like the high-qualitySpartacus 24" Leather Wrapped Cane.

    This modern take on a Wartenberg wheel features a row of 5 spikey pinwheels for your pin-pricking pleasure. The ergonomically-shaped handle allows for good grip in those hot and heavy moments when you want to deliver a subtle but sharp sensation....




    Spiked Chain Whip Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling Sportsheets Edge Spreader Bar
    Spiked Chain WhipSportsheets Door Jam Sex SlingSportsheets Edge Spreader Bar

    Flexible chains on this Chain Whip can be used for delicate tickles, hard spanks, or simply as a fear-factor! 

    Finally, sex standing up is possible for everyone! This Sex Sling secures over your solid door.

    Control and Dominate your submissive with Sportsheets Edge Sperader Bar.




    Sportsheets Fur Lined Leather Paddle Studded Frat Paddle Submissive Collar
    Sportsheets Fur Lined Leather Paddle Studded Frat PaddleSubmissive Collar

    High quality, two sided black leather paddle with a soft furry side for use as a body buffer.

    This Studded Frat Paddle is ideal for heavy. experienced play. 

    Be a good collared pet in the Submissive Word Collar from Spartacus Leathers. This fine quality, genuine leather collar is handmade of quality oil tan leather.




    The Big Book of Submission - 69 Kinky Tales The Enforcer by Kink - Silicone & Polycarbonate Paddle Twisted Triplets Nipple and Clit Suckers
    The Big Book of Submission - 69 Kinky TalesThe Enforcer by Kink - Silicone & Polycarbonate PaddleTwisted Triplets Nipple and Clit Suckers

    Submission takes many forms in this collection of 69 short stories, from straining in bondage to taking a spanking, being put on display, and beyond. By turns bratty and worshipful, these submissives will go to great lengths to fulfill their...

    Discipline is key. The Enforcer ’s strong shatterproof material is impact-tested to deliver the hardest hits every time it lands. This paddle’s visually stimulating clear impact surface leaves nothing to the imagination as it connects...

    Enjoy powerful suction with this triple set of demurely sized suction cylinders. Just apply to any area that would benefit from increased sensitivity and blood flow, no pumps or accessories needed.




    Vac U Lock Ultra Harness With Snaps Venice Lace Cat Ears White Single Strap Collar
    Vac U Lock Ultra Harness With SnapsVenice Lace Cat EarsWhite Single Strap Collar

    Introducing Doc Johnson's Ultra Harness II . This harness has an adjustable waist up to 53 inches, an open crotch for maximum comfort, easy access, and non-slip action; all designed to give you command and control for your erotic pleasures. This...

    Here Kitty Kitty! These Venice Lace Cat Ears with Organza Bow Details are perfect for a frisky feline!

    Just because bondage is the new black, doesn't mean your toys have to be! This light White Single Strap Collar was made for all kinds of play, with a bit more of a pure thought in mind.




    Y-Style Broad Tip Nipple and Clit Clamp 24" Viper's Tongue Super Slapper 26'' Classic Riding Crop
    Y-Style Broad Tip Nipple and Clit Clamp24" Viper's Tongue Super Slapper26'' Classic Riding Crop
    Y-style attached nipple clamps and clit clamp with medium alligator style clamps. 


    24" Viper's Tongue Slapper. These super slappers are diabolical and wicked, with a handle reinforced with spring steel. 24 inches long forked tongue leather slapper with a D-ring on the end....

    26" riding crop....perfect for beginners & advanced users. Whether you're teasing with the tip, or striking true w/ the handle, this crop is sure to heighten sensations! POPO





    2oz. Weight with Clip 3 Gates of Hell 4oz. Weight with Clip
    2oz. Weight with Clip3 Gates of Hell4oz. Weight with Clip

    This 2 oz. snap clip weight provides some extra intensity for those looking to push their limits. Can be added to nipple clamps, ball clamps, or clit clamps.this weight is sure to add extra difficulty and pain to any play session.

    The Three Gates of Hell cock trap is made out of high quality leather combined with three metal rings to harness and caress your cock.

    This 4 oz. snap clip weight provides some extra intensity.




    Broad Tip Clamp and Jewel Chain Butterfly Clamp & Jewel Chain CB-6000 3 1/4"  Chrome Cock Cage and Lock Set
    Broad Tip Clamp and Jewel ChainButterfly Clamp & Jewel ChainCB-6000 3 1/4" Chrome Cock Cage and Lock Set

    Get ready for evenly distributed pleasure. The width of this clamp allows for a delicious distribution of sensation over the entire nipple. .

    Endurance nipple clamps with butterfly style tips. These clamps have silicone tips and are specially designed to become tighter as you pull on the jewel chain and a pply the perfect amount of pressure to feed your wild side. The stimulating...

    The CB-6000 Designer Collection - Chrome is the CB-6000 Male Chastity Device in a beautiful Chrome finish. The CB-6000 Designer Collection Male Chastity Device is a new innovative design offering the utmost in comfort and security. The new ring...




    Fetish Fantasy Satin Love Mask Fetish Fantasy Series Squeeze N' Please Nipple Suckers Neck to Wrist Restraints
    Fetish Fantasy Satin Love MaskFetish Fantasy Series Squeeze N' Please Nipple SuckersNeck to Wrist Restraints

    Create thrilling sexual excitement with this beautiful Fetish Fantasy Satin Love Mask. Try it on your lover or use it as a nightshade for yourself. 

    Experiment with your senses and pleasure your nipples with the Squeeze N' Please suckers.

    Neck to Wrist Restraints will help you to restrain the movements of your lover during your advanced erotic plays with Dominant and Submissive roles. Neck To Wrist Restraints are sold for use by consenting adults. Please play safe and responsibly.





    Sex & Mischief Feather Slapper Sex & Mischief XOXO Paddle Tweezer Clamps with Black Pearl Glass
    Sex & Mischief Feather SlapperSex & Mischief XOXO PaddleTweezer Clamps with Black Pearl Glass

    The Sex and Mischief Feather Slapper features luxurious red feathers on one end and a sturdy, black hand spanker on the other. ABS plastic stick, vinyl, rubber cap, and rooster feather. 

    A sexy way to truly leave your mark, the XOXO paddle has two sides to let you pick your pleasure - administer playful punishment with the smooth side or XOXO side, with special cutouts that leave their shape on the skin! Made of leather free...

    Black Pearl Glass Nipple Clamps by Spartacus are a tweezer-style pair of nipple jewelry made for any type of user. 




    Vixen Whip Fetish Fantasy Series Bed Bindings Restraint Kit Fetish Fantasy Furry Cuffs
    Vixen WhipFetish Fantasy Series Bed Bindings Restraint KitFetish Fantasy Furry Cuffs

    Faux leather 54" braided Vixen Whip with rhinestone handle accent.

    simply sparkle

    Fetish Fantasy Series Bed Bondage Restrait Kit Transform your bed into a passion playground with these under-the-mattress bed bindings.

    Lock up your lover and explore your fetish fantasies with these Beginner Furry Cuffs.




    Fetish Fantasy Furry Cuffs Fetish Fantasy Series Breathable Ball Gag Fetish Fantasy Series Plus Size Strap On
    Fetish Fantasy Furry CuffsFetish Fantasy Series Breathable Ball GagFetish Fantasy Series Plus Size Strap On

    Lock up your lover and explore your fetish fantasies with these Beginner Furry Cuffs.

    Take control of your fantasies tonight with the Fetish Fantasy Breathable Ball Gag.

    Finally, a real-size strap-on for full-figured women! The Plus-Size Strap-On flatters and fits women with curves, using an adjustable leather waistband that easily accommodates up to size 48™.




    Japanese Drip Candles Broad Tip Beaded Clamps Adjustable - Pink
    Japanese Drip Candles Broad Tip Beaded Clamps Adjustable - Pink

    Candles are wonderful for setting the mood, but they're even better for 'pleasure and pain' sex play. Our low-temperature Japanese Drip Candles are the favorite for adventurous couples everywhere.

    Broad Tip Beaded Clamps Adjustable - Pink Spartacus adjustable wide alligator style beaded nipple clamps with sapphire pink beads.



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