Dress The Bride

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Bachelorette Party Favors Party Ties - 4 pack Bride-to-Be.... Wasted! Sash Lightweight Feather Boa- Black
Bachelorette Party Favors Party Ties - 4 packBride-to-Be.... Wasted! SashLightweight Feather Boa- Black

Make the girl's last night out an unforgettable one with these hilarious Bachelorette Party Favors-Party Ties . We design, create, and innovate the best novelties and party gifts in the world. Our pledge is simple: We guarantee to make 'em laugh!...

The Bride-to-Be.... Wasted! Sash is made of a black satin ribbon material w/ pink screen printed lettering . Everyone, Everywhere will know that this Bride-to-Be is out for a good time and will want to share it with her. Free Shots will keep...

Lightweight black feather boa. Perfect for any fun costume or night on the town!





Lightweight Feather Boa- Pink Shot Time Knee Socks Lightweight Feather Boa - Rainbow
Lightweight Feather Boa- PinkShot Time Knee SocksLightweight Feather Boa - Rainbow

This 72" long boa is perfect accessory, sometimes the only accessory you need to make the evening fantastic. Drape yourself in brightly colored feathers and watch the heads turn

One Shot, Two Shots, 3 Shots... MORE of these adorable Knee Socks!



Wrap yourself in Feathers! Fun for any occasion. The perfect rainbow addition to your ensemble for any LGBT friendly or Pride event! 







1 - 6 of 6 items