Silicone Stud® Chubby G

Silicone Stud® Chubby G
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Look no further – we have the Stud® you’ve been waiting for. Deliciously soft and sensual, this silicone-coated, power-packed vibrator is built to satisfy your most passionate pleasure cravings. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the Silicone Stud® is operated by a single, easy-press button. Use it to scroll through each of the seven mind-blowing functions with pulsing and escalating patterns that will leave you screaming in ecstasy. The soft and flexible shaft is comfortable and feels so incredibly life-like. With a smooth and sleek design and a perfectly curved tip, this Chubby G will reach your favorite pleasure zone while giving you the full-satisfaction that you’ve been begging for. Pure pleasure is all yours with this strong, gratifying Power Stud®. You’ll get exactly what you crave with this super-powered, sensual vibrator.

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