Shunga Lovebath Ocean Temptations

Shunga Lovebath Ocean Temptations
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Shunga Erotic Art new products Lovebath Ocean Temptations sensual Japanese experience turns bath water into a luxurious bath gel. This revolutionary sensual breath taking luxurious line of bath, body and lovemaking enhancement treats. Lovebath, a completely unique bathing experience designed to celebrate and stimulate the senses while promoting closeness and desire. Much more than a typical bath gel, Lovebath transforms your bathtub, spa or jacuzzi into a sensual utopia of color, texture and scent. Added to water, the aromatic, therapeutically color tinted powder dissolves and re-forms into thousands of silky, delicate pearly beads of gel that envelope and caress. Hydrating and softening the skin in anticipation of things to come, Lovebath presents a literal oasis of pleasure. Simply add to pre-filled tub and swish through the water with your fingers to help dissolve. A second package of powder included transforms the water back to a liquid state, directions included. 

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