Shane's World Pink Harness with Stud

Shane's World Pink Harness with Stud
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The Shane's World Pink Harness with Stud is perfect for both beginner and advanced users! It has a removable TPR dong and it is velvety soft, padded and double stitched. It has fully adjustable waist and thigh straps, a totally secure removable ring with quick realease snaps, and a firm and pliable removable dong. It is a universal harness so its aluminum ring fits most dongs. It is made out of heavy-duty hardware so it's long lasting, yet it's padded for comfort. It also has a hidden stimulator pocket (stimulator not included). Materials: TPR (dong), POM (harness), Nylon (straps), PP (buckles), Nickel-Plated Iron (ring).

Preminum, fully adjustable universal harness

Pliable 7" probe

Aluminum ring fits most dongs

Heavy-duty hardware

Velvety soft, padded and double stiched lining

Removable Straps

Harness fits up to 65" waist



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