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Bachelorette Hanging Penis Shot Glass Necklace Bachelorette Party Candy Tray Bachelorette Party Favors Captain Pecker - The Inflatable Pecker
Bachelorette Hanging Penis Shot Glass NecklaceBachelorette Party Candy TrayBachelorette Party Favors Captain Pecker - The Inflatable Pecker

No need to earn these beads! The Penis Shot Glass Beads can be used as a necklace or shooter at you Bachelorette party. So wear it, throw it, or take shots from it. Get the party started!

Liven up any party with the Pecker Party Candy Tray! Large enough to hold a combination of your favorite candies.

Introducing Captain Pecker the Inflatable Party Pecker ! This 6-foot pecker can be your best companion on a cold night and best friend in the pool. 




Bride To Be Photo Bash Props Candy Pecker Pacifier Dicky Sipping Straws Pink/Purple
Bride To Be Photo Bash PropsCandy Pecker PacifierDicky Sipping Straws Pink/Purple

Perfect for a bachelorette party or bridal shower, these photo props will help you celebrate the Bride-to-Be. Use in a photo both, for pictures, or just for laughs. 10 pieces per package.

Make the girls last night out an unforgettable one with these hilarious Bachelorette Party Pecker Pacifiers!.

At your next party, have your guests wrap their lips around these Dicky Sipping Straws.




Gummy Peckers Hanging Penis Shooter w/ Pearl Necklace Jawbreaker Gag
Gummy PeckersHanging Penis Shooter w/ Pearl NecklaceJawbreaker Gag

Make the girls last night out an unforgettable one with these hilarious Bachelorette party favors Gummy Peckers.

 Hanging Penis Shooter with Pearl Necklace is an adult novelty. Want a shot? Suck it down!

Love the idea of a ball gag but find the taste of rubber a turn off? Kinklabs sexy combo of candy and bondage takes shape in this fun Jawbreaker Ball Gag.




Liquor Lube Party Pecker Sipping Straw Pecker Coasters
Liquor LubeParty Pecker Sipping StrawPecker Coasters

Now you can get your 'Sexual Buzz" on with "LIQUOR LUBE" Liquor Lube is a specially formulated premium quality water based personal lubricant that comes in Seven Delicious Flavors of your favorite Cocktail. 

Party Pecker Sipping Straws Cock-shaped straws with crooked little balls in five wild colors. They make great items for bachelorette parties, college parties, special events, and even sleepovers! 

A 6-pack of Assorted Pecker Coasters, so you can choose which color you'd like to be your buddy for the night!




Pink Pecker Party Squirt Gun Pink Penis Sippy Cup Pinky the Party Pecker
Pink Pecker Party Squirt GunPink Penis Sippy CupPinky the Party Pecker

When you squirt your Pink Pecker water gun all over anyone within range, you will have them laughing hysterically and chasing you down trying to grab a hold of it for some playful pecker squirt fun of their own!

Enjoy a refreshing beverage from your favorite Pink Penis Sippy Cup! Perfect for a bachelorette party or hazing your best friend! (Silly straw included for silliness!)

Just add air, and Pinky Pecker is the life of any party! This inflatable giant pecker provides hours of raunchy entertainment and makes the ultimate photo prop for all your guests. 




Rainbow Pecker Candy Necklace Rainbow Pecker Pops Rainbow Pecker Shot Glasses
Rainbow Pecker Candy NecklaceRainbow Pecker PopsRainbow Pecker Shot Glasses

Satisfy your "Wild" Sweet Tooth with the colorful Rainbow Pecker Candy Necklace ! Fun Exotic Colors really make a wild & fun statement and will make you a stand out at any fun party event! 

Wrap your lips around these delicious Rainbow Pecker Pops and show everyone your true colors! 

The Rainbow Penis Shot Glasses are perfect for the bachelorette party or a gay bachelor party. You get each color of the rainbow: Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Orange. These shot glasses are pretty big. 




Rainbow Sour Gummy Pecker Super Fun Penis Candy Candy Penis Bouquet
Rainbow Sour Gummy PeckerSuper Fun Penis CandyCandy Penis Bouquet

Pucker up and lick and suck with the JUMBO "Sweet & Sour" Pecker Power Edible Gummy Cock Pop! Succulent Super sweet & sour taste will have your lips puckered up and ready to suck!  Pride2017

Great pocket treats for good behavior! Here are one hundred colorful, Tart Fruit Flavored Penises. Bet you can't eat just one!

Don't be a dick, give a of these little collections is sure to get a smile from that special someone!




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