Cosmo's Truth or Dare

Cosmo's Truth or Dare
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More sexy fun from Cosmo, in the same fabulous format you loved in Cosmo's Steamy Sex Games. This naughty spin on the classic Truth or Dare game features 120 enticing cards in a box; you and your sweetie simply take turns picking from the deck and choosing a spicy “Truth” or an edgy “Dare.”


Truth: What is the strangest thing that has ever turned you on?
Dare: Lick your lips in the steamiest way possible.


Truth: On a scale of one to ten, rate your bedroom skills. Tell me the reason for that score.
Dare: I'm going to draw a tiny x somewhere on my body. Your job is to kiss me all over until you find it.


Truth: Pretend you're a critic and give me a review of my performance the last time we were in bed.
Dare: Pick a spot on my body that isn't usually considered sexual-elbows, knees, ankle-and lavish it with kisses until I'm turned on.


Whichever one you choose...the results will be sizzling HOT! Dare to play?

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