CandiLand Sensuals Night of Indulgence Kit

CandiLand Sensuals Night of Indulgence Kit
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Celebrate your special erotic occasion with a trip to the Candiland Sensuals Night of Indulgence Kit! Be a mouth-watering irresistible treat to satisfy your lover with every decadent lick and bite. Go ahead, give in… Indulge!

Zero calories - 100% delightfully romantic


1. Cinnamon Bun Body Icing, .24 oz. (7.0 g)
2. Strawberry Bon Bon Glide, .24 oz. (7.0 g)
3. Marshmallow Fluff Kissable Love Dust, .65 (18 g) Jar
4. 100 Red Rose Petals
5. Soft Powder Puff

Lickable Flavors, Premium Formulas, Free from Parabens and Sugar, Body-Safe, Vegan Friendly and Proudly Made in America.


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