Afterglow PulseWave Technology Intimate Massager

Afterglow PulseWave Technology Intimate Massager
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This is the farthest thing from your average toy. Afterglow™ is the world’s first vibrator to use PulseWave™ light technology. PulseWave is a unique combination of light energy and vibration. This medical technology was developed by a team of experts seeking to discover unique wave patterns that would lead to enhanced arousal and ultimately improve the sexual experience for women. This new exciting technology can be used alone or with a friend. Afterglow's™ technology was created to work with your body's own sexual response cycle. Through a sensual combination of pulsed light and vibration, the innovative Afterglow can help you experience longer, deeper, and more frequent orgasms.

Afterglow comes with additional intelligent features such as:

  • No-look keypad: Large silicone buttons that feature embossed icons mean it's easy to identify and press them in the dark or with your eyes closed.
  • Lights-off mode: One touch turns off all the visible light energy to guarantee absolute privacy.
  • Travel-safe function: Want to avoid accidental activation when you're on the move? Just press the + and - buttons for three seconds to switch off Afterglow completely.
  • Whisper-quiet motor: We use high-quality, low-sound components to ensure Afterglow remains your discreet secret.
  • Measurements: 1.5" x 1.6" x 4.0" usable (9" overall length).
  • Battery time: Enjoy up to 3 hours of pleasure on a full charge.

Inside each discreetly packaged Afterglow box you’ll find:

  •  A user manual with advice on how to use your Afterglow
  •  A soft, supple carry bag
  •  A locking treasure box with key
  •  A USB cable for easy recharge
  •  A North American charger (Chargers for different locations can be purchased separately)

Every Afterglow comes with One Year Warranty, and after buying your Afterglow you can register for Lifetime Limited Warranty and AfterCare No-Fault Insurance.

Made from 100% body-safe silicone that’s waterproof and easy to clean, your Afterglow can be easily recharged via a USB port.

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